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Watch for these new classes formats posted on the schedule  coming your way…………….

Tabata Ryde– These intervals were named after the Japanese scientist who first designed them: Izumi Tabata, PhD. As the story goes, Dr. T was looking for a method of gym training that would give the Japanese national speed-skating team an edge on the ice. He discovered that when his athletes performed eight cycles of 20-second high-intensity bouts followed by 10 seconds of rest, they increased both their aerobic (endurance) capacity and anaerobic (quick power) output. Tabata Interval Training offers the unique benefit of training both major metabolic pathways: those that provide endurance and those that create explosive energy. What’s in it for you? Since it enhances endurance, Tabata boosts your body’s ability to burn more bodyfat. And since it bolsters explosiveness, the kind you use in a typical set of bench presses, squats or deadlifts, it can help you get more reps with a given weight and/or use more weight to perform a given number of reps. So what used to be a set of 10 reps with 200 pounds could soon be 10 reps with 225.

Music Video Ryde– You not only receive the same wonderful energizing ryde with great music, but now you can watch the musical video that goes with it. It’s like being right there with the artists!

Virtual Rydes– We will ryde through some outstanding places. The visuals are amazing. We’ll climb, jump and ride wide open fast flats. The feel is pretty realistic, since the pace moves at about the pace you’d actually be going if you were on your outdoor bike. Each ryde is set in a different place- ex. Italy, Hawaii…etc

RYDE For Results

Every year I like to give you a new challenge. Like we discussed in classes this week.. “A Change Will Do You Good”!!! Let’s start the 2015 year being accountable for our own health and fitness goals….here’s a fun way to keep you on track!
Every time you do one of the following you get a star.
1.Check into a class from TRIM on FB-tag TRIM
2. Take a class at TRIM
3. Take a pic of you at TRIM and post on Instagram
4. Bring a new Ryder to class
5. Tweet about TRIM

I will post your achievements weekly on the TRIM bulletin board and FB with a star.  The ones with the most stars at the end of February wins one of the following gifts.

1. TRIM tote
2. Gel seat
3. Free class
4. TRIM T-shirt
5. Workout water bottle

Start 1/4/15    Ends 2/27/15

*You can start at anytime, but the sooner the more stars you will collect the more chance you will have to win a prize. You can take any TRIM classes to gather stars. I know there are a “few” that like a good friendly competition!! How about YOU?