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Tabata Ryde

Tabata Ryde Feb 15th is all booked out, but if you’re interested get on the waiting list.

What is a Tabata Ryde? Where did it originate from?

These intervals were named after the Japanese scientist who first designed them: Izumi Tabata, PhD. As the story goes, Dr. T was looking for a method of gym training that would give the Japanese national speed-skating team an edge on the ice. He discovered that when his athletes performed eight cycles of 20-second high-intensity bouts followed by 10 seconds of rest, they increased both their aerobic (endurance) capacity and anaerobic (quick power) output.
Tabata Interval Training offers the unique benefit of training both major metabolic pathways: those that provide endurance and those that create explosive energy. What’s in it for you? Since it enhances endurance, Tabata boosts your body’s ability to burn more bodyfat. And since it bolsters explosiveness, the kind you use in a typical set of bench presses, squats or deadlifts, it can help you get more reps with a given weight and/or use more weight to perform a given number of reps. So what used to be a set of 10 reps with 200 pounds could soon be 10 reps with 225.