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Calling All RYDERS-

Starting in April, classes on Sunday will be EVERY Sunday! No more alternating!

Thanks everyone!!!

Studio Owner Success Story!


I love getting emails like this…

Hi John~
How have you been? It’s probably been close to 2 or more years since I’ve touched base with you. I promised I’d let you know how my Total Rider In Motion Cycling Studio is doing as the years went by.

Here’s my update:
After two years of just getting by we, like many people, say “you learn from what doesn’t work”. We found out that groupon works to bring new people in and we had a large rush and kept about 20-30%. We were in the newspaper, radio and TV too, but word of mouth is what worked the best!!!

We had too much overhead and although we were having fun, we were not making any money to take home. Brenda and I always said if it the studio wasn’t for either one of us anymore we could just get out. So this being said, we did go our separate ways (still great friends) but I wanted to keep going.

I moved my business to another location near our last and instead of I sublease (so much less$) from a gentleman that is also into fitness. My space is within his Boot Camp and PT establishment. This is a large warehouse area and the people just flow in.

I’m happy to let you know that after 2 1/2 years I now have sold out classes weeks in advance and am not just having a GREAT time, but making money too :-)
I see only good things for the future and adding more Real Ryder bikes!!!

Thank you for all your encouragement when we started and wonderful advice at the ICI/PRO convention. I miss those!!

Be well! Say Hi to Amy….she too was wonderful to us!

Wishing you a FIT day!
Darcie Adams

“Congratulations Darcie! Your idea to partner with another fitness company sounds like it was a great decision. Seeing that your space costs are typically the largest single year to year expense, I’m amazed that I don’t hear more fitness entrepreneurs partnering up together and share a studio.” John M.


Music VIdeo Rydes & Virtual Rydes are here!!

Check out the Sunday morning schedules….

Starting March 15th with  a Music Video Ryde-( You not only receive the same wonderful energizing ryde with great music, but now you can watch the musical video that goes with it. It’s like being right there with the artists!) If you have a video (rated- PG) that you’d like me to add, email me.

Virtual Rydes– We will ryde through some outstanding places. The visuals are amazing. We’ll climb, jump and ride wide open fast flats. The feel is pretty realistic, since the pace moves at about the pace you’d actually be going if you were on your outdoor bike. Each ryde is set in a different place- ex. Italy, Hawaii…etc