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Such a big hit…..Now it’s extended…On a regular basis


November 2015 Special

Monthly Unlimited/ Purchase online ONLY  $75 (expires one month from date purchased/cannot be shared/online only)

If you take at least 2 classes a week you will see the savings. The more you come, the more you save. This is how it’s broken down:

2 classes per week (one month) -$9.38 /savings of .62  off per class

3 classes per week (one month)- $6.25 /savings of $3.75 off per class

4 classes per week (one month)-$4.69/ savings of $5.31 off per class

5 Classes per week (one month)-$3.75/ savings of  $6.25 off per class

6 Classes per week (one month)-$3.13/savings of  $ 6.87 off per class

Please note that all late cancelations still apply in this special.  A $10 fee will be charged before the next class is taken.