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Class Sign-Up

***Groupon participants, please follow the process of making a MindBody profile. Then register for your FIRST class as “unpaid”. Bring in your groupon to be redeemed and then we will manually put the rest of your classes in your profile and you can book which classes you want to attend. Once your groupon is used (by exp date) your profile will then come up “unpaid” again. You can then register for classes and pay online or in person at regular prices.

You must pre-register to reserve a bike on our class schedule and pay for class prior to class time in person (before class) or online .  To do so visit our MindBody Site. 

  • If you don’t have a MB account make one. “sign up”
  • Click on the class you want to attend and a new page comes up.
  • Then Click on “Registered Unpaid”. (ONLY IF PAYING IN PERSON)
  •  If you are purchasing a class in person, you still need to register online. Drop ins are welcome, but you’re taking a chance that all the bike will be taken.                                                                                                                                               
  • If you have a MB account (Paying online)
  • Login to your MB account
  • Click on the class you want to take
  •  Click on “make a reservation”
  • Your class/classes chosen will appear in  an invoice format
  • Click checkout
  • Add payment info

***If you have never been to an indoor cycling class please arrive early so we have plenty of time to get you set up on your bike.

***Please sign up for the a.m. classes by 9:00 p.m. and  the evening classes before or at least by 4pm the day of the 6pm classes. 

***A fee is still charge to your account if you are a no show or if you don’t cancel 2hrs prior to class time. This also is in effect for pay in person people. It will be added to your next class payment.

***Please always add contact info to your account in case a class is cancelled. I will Post it, Facebook it and try to contact all registered.