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We’re Moving….Come Check it Out

Things are changing and you’re invited to join us at our new location. 10 Walker Way, Colonie NY 12205 (within the GetFit Studios with Alexa Jaye) We will be close for a week to relocate and reopening Wednesday Aug 1, 2019.

New class formats in a new fantastic location!!!

See You There

Monday Classes are coming back

Watch our schedule for Monday morning classes coming back. This class will be a Core Ryde @ 9:15am.

45min ryde on the bike/15min abs off the bike.  >>Remember to bring your yoga mat<<


Holiday Gift Certificates

Purchase the best RYDE in town for that fitness fanatic in your life.  All done online. Easy as 1, 2, 3! Happy Holidays!!!


Single Class –        $10 (expires in one month)

5 Classes-               $50  (expires in 3 months)

10 Classes-             $100 (expires in 6 months)

20 Classes-             $200 (expires one year from the date purchased)

All Classes are non refundable/non transferable


Monthly Unlimited/ Purchase online ONLY  $75 (unlimited CANNOT be shared) If you sign up and are a late cancel a charge of the full amt of that class ($10) will be needed by the next class you take.

Such a big hit…..Now it’s extended…On a regular basis


November 2015 Special

Monthly Unlimited/ Purchase online ONLY  $75 (expires one month from date purchased/cannot be shared/online only)

If you take at least 2 classes a week you will see the savings. The more you come, the more you save. This is how it’s broken down:

2 classes per week (one month) -$9.38 /savings of .62  off per class

3 classes per week (one month)- $6.25 /savings of $3.75 off per class

4 classes per week (one month)-$4.69/ savings of $5.31 off per class

5 Classes per week (one month)-$3.75/ savings of  $6.25 off per class

6 Classes per week (one month)-$3.13/savings of  $ 6.87 off per class

Please note that all late cancelations still apply in this special.  A $10 fee will be charged before the next class is taken.


TRIM was featured as the Cycling Studio Owners & Managers FB banner for the month of Sept. Check it out!

Sunday Specialty Classes

Sunday Specialty Classes once a month alternating with your already favorite iRyde Express classes. Starts August 2015.

Watch for the following classes:

  • Burn Ryde-45min on bike/15 upper body off bike
  • Flex Ryde-45mins on bike/15 lower body off bike
  • Core Ryde-45mins on bike/15 core strengthening
  • Taba Ryde-40min Sprints (20sec push/10sec recovery/1min rest between each song)
  • Music Video Ryde-45mins with visuals on the screen
  • Virtual Ryde- times vary (45-60 mins) depending on our adventures on screen


Heart Zones***Smart Hearts System

Smart hearts


This system is off the charts!!! If you’re always wondering how many calories did I burn or how much effort did I really put into this workout, then this is a wonderful system to use. Free trials to all who are the first 5 pre-registered per class starting in July 2015. What are you waiting for? Start getting your workout effort in real time as you’re in class and bump it up if need be to reach the goals you set.

Karen & Tom Birdsey Cycling in Italy!!

IMG_5013 IMG_4344




Karen and Tom had an amazing trip cycling over the rugged mountains along the coast with spectacular views in Italy. They experienced lots of climbing, but were prepared due to the many hours in classes of RYDING through “high mud”. In between the mountains there were beautiful beaches…..then more climbs!

Wow!! You both are amazing!! Glad I could help in any small way.

You asked for it You got it!

Calling All RYDERS-

Starting in April, classes on Sunday will be EVERY Sunday! No more alternating!

Thanks everyone!!!

Studio Owner Success Story!


I love getting emails like this…

Hi John~
How have you been? It’s probably been close to 2 or more years since I’ve touched base with you. I promised I’d let you know how my Total Rider In Motion Cycling Studio is doing as the years went by.

Here’s my update:
After two years of just getting by we, like many people, say “you learn from what doesn’t work”. We found out that groupon works to bring new people in and we had a large rush and kept about 20-30%. We were in the newspaper, radio and TV too, but word of mouth is what worked the best!!!

We had too much overhead and although we were having fun, we were not making any money to take home. Brenda and I always said if it the studio wasn’t for either one of us anymore we could just get out. So this being said, we did go our separate ways (still great friends) but I wanted to keep going.

I moved my business to another location near our last and instead of I sublease (so much less$) from a gentleman that is also into fitness. My space is within his Boot Camp and PT establishment. This is a large warehouse area and the people just flow in.

I’m happy to let you know that after 2 1/2 years I now have sold out classes weeks in advance and am not just having a GREAT time, but making money too :-)
I see only good things for the future and adding more Real Ryder bikes!!!

Thank you for all your encouragement when we started and wonderful advice at the ICI/PRO convention. I miss those!!

Be well! Say Hi to Amy….she too was wonderful to us!

Wishing you a FIT day!
Darcie Adams

“Congratulations Darcie! Your idea to partner with another fitness company sounds like it was a great decision. Seeing that your space costs are typically the largest single year to year expense, I’m amazed that I don’t hear more fitness entrepreneurs partnering up together and share a studio.” John M.