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This is how we “RYDE”
If I had to describe my thoughts about TRIM classes with Darcie in one word, that word would be WOW.

WOW – I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do!
WOW – this is fun!
WOW – this is hard!
WOW – it is over already; how sad.
WOW – I can’t wait until my next class.

I first came to class because I wanted to see what  this ‘spinning thing’ was all about, I didn’t really think I’d like it. Well, I was wrong – I love spinning at TRIM. Classes go by so quickly and are so enjoyable. Darice uses a wide variety of music and varies the ride – I can’t say that I’ve had two rides that are the same (well unless you count enjoyable). Darcie’s classes are challenging yet welcoming – she encourages you to push as much as you want and to give what you have that day – ultimately it is your ride that she is guiding; you can push or not as much as you want (and feel ok doing so). I’ve come to rely on TRIM as a my go to cross-training tool. I was amazed how much my running has improved since starting classes – I noticed especially that the spinning has made my leg turnover so much faster. Overall it is a great way to spend an hour!~ Dayna


“I started spinning over a year ago. The first class was tough, but I went back and each time saw I was becoming stronger and stronger. The movement of the bikes is great and gives you a total body workout, in addition to great cardiovascular benefits. Love it!”           ~Melissa

“I am 70 years old and I have had the chance to take indoor cycling classes and Spinning classes in many different areas and have to say TOTAL RYDER IN MOTION is remarkable! I can’t put into words how the different profiles, bike movement, music and instruction make you feel. By the end of the class you are exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. I highly recommend this studio!” ~ Barbara

“Total Ryder in Motion studio is amazing. The studio is clean and the instructor is top notch. The spin classes give you a fantastic and intense workout! You will not be bored. The movement of the bike gives you a full body workout, not just your legs. You will never want to do a regular spin class again!” ~ Cathy       


“I am hoping to inform many of you folks who like to work out the way I do to come try the new Total In Motion spin classes, on 88 Rail Road Ave. in Albany. I am an avid runner who tries to mix cross training into my routine week 3 or 4 times a week. Well, I have really found the perfect cross training here! I have lost inches in my midriff, have thinner legs and lost much of my tummy. This class works out every part of your body, a challenging class full of smiles and positive input.
Thank you Darcie, owner of Total Ryder In Motion. ~ Ginny


“Starting out as someone who never attended a cycling/spin class prior to trying Total Ryder In Motion classes, I was not sure what to expect and it was something far out of my comfort zone.  I am so glad that I gave it a try, and I have been cycling/spinning regularly ever since!  They provide a fun and challenging classes.  The instructor is in tune to each individual in the class, regardless of your skill level, and are genuinely interested and invested in helping you achieve your fitness goals.  I always feel comfortable in what I am doing and always challenged to make the most of each class.  Making Total Ryder In Motion classes part of my regular routine has accelerated my progress on my long time health and fitness goals and I appreciate the Darcie has provided along the way!” ~ Colleen